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"I really love contrast in styles. I love juxtaposition in art. I like reading about people who represent their field in something and then are completely different behind-the-scenes.

If you show one side I think you have to show the other."

Check out the weekly Thursday Releases I have in 2015 so far!

1) Week #1
Good As Gone (Promo)

2) Week #2
No One Can Pass feat. Kwasi Thomas x Ryan Morrissette

3) Week #3
Showtime feat. Saint Kris

4) Week #4


i am a veteran/bloodline of better men/
stalk you like wildlife/hunt you like venison/
I've been a gentlemen/hold doors to let 'em in
just to drop a beat on you when you enter/in

I've been reckless/recommended to guest lists/
excercised my right to execute/ya death wish/
my sex is/addicting/significantly sickening/
your eggs I'm pickling//////////(bitch)

so i'm hearing now from several different angles/
is that I'm on the verge/I've heard that/so I'ma strangle/
anyone who thinks differently/produce til you're sick of me/
switch keys like symphonies that I score/I am literally/

living day-to-day/One Hour At A Time/
empowered/by the design of Noobinson/my mind/
always seems to be travelling////////////
i'll be looking forward to the universe and it's mysteries un-raveling/

despite not being mentioned in any of your top 5/
list of politics and bullshit/I am brought by/
and sponsored/oh the good folks at DLW/
real gear/real styles/real clothes/real love

it's official/it's crystal/clear I am here/
I am spear/I am sword/I am shield/I am fear/
I am dominant/among the prominent/I am beloved
I make the music that YOU covet////////(bitch)

so what is this?/am I supposed to bend a knee?/
energy/better be/top-tier/when ya next to me/
who else is killing it on this many levels/
with THIS many shovels/I am burying you devils/

I am setting up my future/crush you with my past moves/
ask dudes//ask people when they pass you/
set 'em up and let them know what you about/
me? it's so simple: you fall in or fall OUT/


released February 5, 2015
[J. McDonald]
[prod. MD of The Boomsday Alliance]



all rights reserved


MD of The Boomsday Alliance Vancouver, British Columbia

I am an artist/producer. I produce/score music full-time.

I work on other artist's projects, video games & films.

I host a podcast titled "Intergalactic Interviews"

I think these "bio" write ups can make someone sound very pompous and I hate that.
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